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Day In Farm Life: Off-Farm Perspective

As a part of my Day In Farm Life Series, I’ve been sharing thoughts from individual farmers. However, there’s so much more behind-the-scenes work that is done to convey the message to consumers. Madeline McCurry-Schmidt is a journalist for a group of scientists and researchers that promotes livestock and meat science. These peer-reviewed studies provide […]

Day in Farm Life: Central Nebraska

As part of my Day in Farm Life Series, today Bobbi Lorenz from Nebraska shares a bit about her life. Bobbi and her husband Mark are Nebraska ranchers raising cattle, corn, and hay. Be sure to read the entire post. Bobbi does a great job of sharing how tough some days can be while caring […]

Why Am I Mowing Pastures: Part 2

Why do livestock producers mow pastures? As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, today I’ll let Jesse Bussard, a graduate student at Kentucky, do a little explaining of cleaning pastures from a forage perspective. Thanks Jesse for helping out! I was posed the question, “Why do we brush hog (mow) pastures?” by Ryan this past week.  If […]

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