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Can An Outsider Be Agriculture Proud?

So we’ve heard from many farmers and ranchers about why they are proud to be a part of Agriculture. But what about non-ag consumers? Aimee Whetstine lends her two cents for the conversation in the latest part of my month-long series featuring the diversity in Agriculture. Growing food would not be possible without someone to […]

AgProud: Illinois Agriculture Education

It’s National Teach Ag Day, and here’s my second Agriculture Educator sharing why she is Agriculture Proud. Kathy Novotney is an Illinois educator. Have you thanked and Ag teacher today? This is part of my month-long series highlighting the diversity of Agriculture. Are YOU Agriculture Proud? Growing with two parents as teachers, high school math […]

AgProud: National Teach Agriculture Day

Today is National Teach Ag Day! Have you given thanks for an Agriculture Educator near you? Robin McLean shares her thoughts with us in the first of my two posts today, continuing the showcase of Agriculture diversity, and how it is more than just cows, sows, and plow. It’s part of my month-long series. Why […]

AgProud: Agricultural Law

Continuing with this week’s theme, Agriculture is so much more than just farming. Elizabeth Burns Thompson is a law student who has a bright future influencing this country’s law practices. We need more grounded people like her in these professions. This is part of my month-long series highlighting the diversity within Agriculture. Why are YOU […]

AgProud: Family Roots in Agriculture

There is so much more to agriculture than simply farming. I plan to feature individuals who play a part in that as I continue this week with my month-long series highlighting the diversity of Agriculture. Today we hear from Daren Williams with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Daren did a little digging to find his […]

AgProud: Jenny Dewey Chico Locker and Sausage

Here’s another visit to California in my month-long series celebrating the diversity in Agriculture. We’ve been hearing from farmers, ranchers, and consumers and learning why they are proud to be a part of Agriculture. Today we hear from Jenny Dewey, who comes from a family of butchers. She does great work in sharing where our […]

AgProud: Ontario Canada with Joe Dickenson

Continuing with my month-long series featuring diversity in Agriculture. Today we travel to Canada to hear from a farmer who’s working to share why he is proud to be a part of Agriculture. Why are YOU Agriculture Proud? I was blessed to grow up as a farm kid in a fairly large city, being able […]

AgProud: In My DNA – Leslie Pierson

As a kid that grew up in a city, I’m often asked where my passion for agriculture comes from. Like many people, I am two generations removed from production agriculture and share the very common story of spending time on a family farm when I was young. Recently, an Oklahoma Ag Extension Agent explained this […]

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