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Cowboy Cookies In A Jar

Can you believe we’re already closing in on Christmas and 2012 isn’t far off. Hope you have most of that Christmas shopping wrapped up. I’ve always been one for the more crafty gifts rather than buying everything. Part because I have been living on the college student budget and part because it’s just more fun. […]

Visit from a Non-Farmer for a Day

How would I work differently if a non-farmer/rancher followed me around on the farm for a day? Well, my first impulse is to say I would not do anything differently, but every time someone visits the house I make sure the house is picked up, the dishes are done, and the dirty clothes are stashed […]

How would you farm differently if…

How would you farm differently if a total stranger (non-farmer/rancher) followed you around all day? I am always up for some good conversation between bloggers that inspire new blog post ideas. This past week Ryan Bright (Tennessee dairy farmer, @farmerbright) sent me a message with this thought. How would we work differently with a non-farmer […]

How Do Consumers View Cattle Production?

Yesterday Amanda Radke shared an interesting email from a reader of her Beef Daily column. It’s a grossly disturbing viewpoint of cattle production, pulling scenes from many documentaries and films. I’ll share the viewers message below. What would your response be to such statements? “Amanda, all animals processed conventionally are super-stressed out, terrified, and their […]

Chicken Fried Steak Equals Comfort Food

Yeah, I think that title pretty much hits it dead on. Last week, I was rambling around the kitchen, found my favorite Trail Boss’ Cowboy Cookbook, and made what I consider a pretty decent excuse for chicken fried steak and skillet gravy. It’s the kinda meal that Hits. The. Spot. if ya know what I […]

Meeting Today’s Beef Demands

So I’m really not a fan of saturating a conversation with facts and figures, but I saw this video from Merck Animal Health and thought it worth a share. Doing less with more. That is today’s American Cattle Farmers and Ranchers. Sustainablebeef.org has much more information on sustainable beef production practices.

Quality Food Begins With Quality Animal Care

If you have been following along with my posts, you’ll know we are in the middle of Spring Vaccinations. We are gathering each herd of cattle, administering vaccinations, and rotating each herd through pastures of fresh, green grass. I just watched another video depicting unacceptable treatment of calves, and I thought it would be a good […]

The Face Of Food Production

Factory Farm. Big Ag. Corporate Agriculture. CAFO. These are just a few of the terms used by those who oppose large business agriculture in today’s food production. Let’s face it, agriculture is made of many different farms, ranches, and operations, none of which are exactly the same. Some may be owned by families, others by […]

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