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Photo Friday: Organic Fertilizer

Thank goodness its Friday! On Fridays I will post a photo from the ranch and discuss the subject. Take a gander and see if you can tell me what we are looking at… Chicken Litter, or composted poultry house bedding and manure. Driving through the back roads and state highways of Arkansas, there is that […]

I’m Holding a What?!?

So I posted this photo at the end of my post yesterday, I got a few concerned comments, and I love it. I gotta go a little AgNerd on ya and say that placentas are kind of intriguing. How can something that forms from nothing provide an environment for a developing fetus, act as the […]

Kansas YFR Knows AgFacts

Since announcing my goal of collecting postcards from every state during 2011, I  have received several cards and have learned much about Agriculture across the country. Jodi Termine (@jtgirl) took the opportunity to encourage Kansas Young Farmers and Ranchers to share a few facts about Kansas Agriculture. In her workshop at the YR&F meeting, Jodi […]

Farm Tour: Clark County, Ohio

Back in October, I took us to three different farmers and ranchers who share their story of Agriculture through blogs and social media. This week I want to continue this “Farm Tour“ by featuring Sam Wildman. Sam is an 8th generation family farmer from Clark County, Ohio where his family raises swine. Enjoy this post […]

Wordless Wednesday: Arkansas Cattle AgFact

Captured this photo the other day as I turned out a bull to clean up some cows for fall calving. Thought it was cool. In the spirit of my “Stamps on Ag Facts” series, I will share an Arkansas Ag Fact with you today. According to the 2007 Ag Census numbers, Arkansas is home to […]

50 States, 50 Stamps, 1 Common Love For Agriculture

Deltiology is the study or collection of postcards. I am a confessed deltiologist. I have quite a collection of postcards from Wyoming to Atlanta and even the U.K. and Berlin. Every time family or friends take a trip, I ask they send me a post card so I can learn about those places I may […]

AgFacts to Ruminate

Q: Which are the top 10 agricultural producing States? A: The top 10 agricultural producing States, in terms of cash receipts are (in descending order): California, Iowa, Texas, Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota, Kansas, North Carolina, Indiana, and Missouri. Q: What are the leading farm commodities in the United States, in terms of cash receipts? A: Cattle […]

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