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Agriculture Ask A Farmer Cattle Feedlot Questions

What is a cattle feedlot? | Ask a Farmer

What is a factory farm? What is a CAFO? What is a feedlot? These and numerous other questions are some that I receive on a weekly basis pertaining to cattle production. I have spent most of my life becoming better acquainted with many aspects of cattle production. Over the next several posts, I hope to […]


First week in the feedlot!

Someone forgot to tell me about that part of the deal. I have only been working in my new job at the feedlot for one week and I have not stopped learning. Northwest Texas is awful close to the “No Man’s Land” of Oklahoma, and it sure seems like things run at just a slower […]


Review of Nutritional Recommendations of Feedlot Consulting Nutritionists

Vasconcelos, J.T. and M.L. Galyean. 2007. Nutritional Recommendations of Feedlots Consulting Nutritionists: The 2007 Texas Tech University Survey. J Anim Sci. 85:2772-2781.             A survey conducted by Texas Tech University collected information from 29 consulting nutritionists on nutritional recommendations for feedlot cattle. Previous surveys conducted suggested that a common source of nutrient requirements for beef […]


Food Connections with Registered Dietitian, Nicole Rodriguez | Over A Beer Podcast 040

In the current time of social distancing, there is a lot more than Zoom calls that can bring us all together – and that is food. Carrie and Ryan bring a guest to the Over A Beer podcast series to discuss these food connections. During the course of our conversation, we see how much rural […]


We Cannot Cook with Dairy Carrie | Over A Beer Podcast 039

It’s safe to say that things have drastically changed over the past few weeks, but one topic that has definitely risen to the top is access to food. Whether it be families with more time on their hands or searching shelves at the grocery store that have been picked over, we’ve found ourselves cooking more […]

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