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Time Flies

It is hard to believe how quickly the past two weeks have passed. It seems like just yesterday it was a snow day on the first Sunday in June. The 4th of July was tons of fun. I went to the Buffalo Bill Cody Stampede on Friday. It was a good rodeo to go watch. […]


Never Say Never

People always tell me never to say that I will never do something. Well, after working at the feedyard last summer I told myself that I would never wake up at 3 in the morning on a regular basis to work for other people’s cattle. I guess I forgot about it. We have started hay […]


Crossing Critters

Week two is over and done. It has been an interesting week to say the least. I was assigned to the location of the ranch where I will be working for the majority of the summer. I am working with 5 pivot irrigation, some gated pipe, and lots of ditches. Setting the dams on the […]


It’s all new to me

Alright, the next several posts are going to be on my summer in Wyoming. Because I will not have internet all of the time, I will just post whenever I get on. 5/15/09 I made it from Pleasant Plains, Arkansas to Council Bluffs, Iowa (just outside of Omaha, Nebraska) yesterday. The trip really was not […]


A True Cattleman’s Moment

There is that feeling when calving season comes around. It’s my favorite time of year back home cause there are those times when I never know which cows are gonna have calving problems and it is always an adrenaline rush to figure out what I can do to help the cow and calf/calves live. I […]

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