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Wordless Wednesday: Courting Cattle

Do cattle still court like people did back in the day? Either way I found this couple off to themselves in the pasture this week. I turned bulls out with the cows back on May 3rd. Our breeding season is 75 days long, so come July 17th the bulls will be headed back to the […]


A Steer, is a Bull, is a Cow: Cattle Production Gets Trichy

So I really wish I could embed this video, but ya’ll will have to take a gander on Today’s THV’s website. Can you point out the simple terminology mistake in this report that left me chuckling all afternoon? By the way, steers can’t breed cows. This month after the Arkansas State Vet issued an emergency regulation requiring […]

Calgary Stampede Rodeo, Animal Welfare, and Livestock Producer Reaction

Recently a friend in Wyoming emailed me a link from a Canadian source claiming that rodeo livestock are violently mistreated and encouraging all travelers to avoid rodeos and instead “visit the country fairs that usually accompany them.” Much of the support for these claims comes from the Vancouver and Canadian Humane Societies. With Canada’s Calgary […]

Why do farmers and ranchers castrate cattle? | Ask a Farmer

Why do we castrate cattle? First thought that comes to mind, because I do not want my heifers bred to an inferior bull. Castration also comes to mind when I think of the neighbors’ traveling bulls. But in reality, it’s a management decision. Why would you castrate your dog? When I asked for a blog […]

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