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Better Blogging: Header and Cover Photos

What is the first thing you notice when opening a webpage? Is it the number of posts? The number of fans or comments on a page? More often than not, the cover photo or header image is the first thing to capture your attention. Whether creating a new blog design or a updating a Facebook […]

Photo Friday: Green grass and happy cows

It’s taken all summer, but we finally have some mud in the pasture. The grass is bright green, and the cows are happy. It doesn’t take long to remember the drought that encompasses so much of the country though. I’m in Arkansas today and seeing first-hand the worst of the drought in the cattle pasture. […]

4th of July already? My mind needs a break!

Can you believe it? 4th of July is here and gone! Happy Independence Day America! I’ve been in the office all summer it seems. In between headaches, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to attend a number of field days across the great state of Tennessee. There are some great cattlemen in this state. It’s a shame […]

Wheat Fields Before and After Harvest

Wheat harvest finished up on the farm here in Middle Tennessee in the last few weeks. I was stuck in the office and didn’t have the opportunity to capture the actual harvest on the farm. Last Tuesday, I invited a custom wheat harvester to share her story on my blog. Here is a photo of […]

Photo Friday: Experience and Knowledge

“The stockman whose training has been solely in the school of experience often holds in light regard that which is written concerning his vocation. Let him remember the facts and truths are the same whether the repository is a book or the human mind. Held by the latter, all perish with the possessor; in keeping […]

Wordless Wednesday: Word Cloud And My Dirty Job

I found this pretty cool. Here’s the Word Cloud for my blog. Now I have to consider which words should be appearing larger or which words I don’t need to write so much about. I wonder how thorough the engine searched for terms in my blog? Happy Wednesday! I’ve moved back to Middle Tennessee for the summer […]

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