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Growing Timber: Burning Underbrush

Do you ever wonder where your paper or lumber is produced? You can Thank a Farmer or Rancher for that! The timber industry is pretty big in Arkansas. According to the Ouachita Partnership for Economic Development, 18,778,660 acres, or 56% of Arkansas’ land is used for growing timber. This industry contributes more than 32,200 jobs […]

Wordless Wednesday: Arkansas Cattle AgFact

Captured this photo the other day as I turned out a bull to clean up some cows for fall calving. Thought it was cool. In the spirit of my “Stamps on Ag Facts” series, I will share an Arkansas Ag Fact with you today. According to the 2007 Ag Census numbers, Arkansas is home to […]

Vet Shortage and Arkansas Ranchers

Here is a great opportunity to try out your Agvocate skills. The following is a portion of a news story from Arkansas covering the current food safety bill in Congress. This station along with the interview clips from a local cattleman, portrays the picture that ranchers are taking into their own hands the medical treatment […]

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