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Road Trip Turns Into Agriculture Education

I’m not sure about you, but to me ‘normal’ Agriculture is what I grew up around. In Arkansas we have fishing and chickens. There’s rice fields and soybeans. We have timber harvest and small herds of cattle. That’s just what I’m familiar with. But after finishing high school I took the opportunity to explore other […]

Wordless (Wordy) Wednesday: Pregnancy Checking Heifers

My dad is in the cattle marketing business. Sometimes this means he’ll act as a cattle broker and help other producers find/sell quality cattle. We’ll often do this to help keep high quality cattle in our neck of the woods and it’s a win-win for everyone. Last week we had 70 head of heifers changing […]

Advocating for the Beef Community (Part 1)

(After reading this, please continue to parts 2 and 3.) Last week I had the opportunity to join the Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Class for their session on media training and a tour of WinRock Farms on Petit Jean Mountain. Director of Communications for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Daren Williams (@Real_Beefman), came to […]

Cattlemen’s Meeting Roundup

Staying involved in the community is an important part my life, sometimes this includes spending a Thursday night shootin to bull with a room full of aging, gray-haired men, swappin stories over a meal of steak and taters. Just want any 23-year-old (23, that’s weird to say) wants to do with his life! Actually, that’s […]

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