Author: Ryan Goodman

Ryan Goodman lives in Colorado, is an avid trail and ultrarunner, and works with farmers and ranchers to help them share their stories of agriculture and how food is raised. Connect with Ryan online as @BeefRunner. #TeamBeef.

More snow than I ever seen

5/16/09I finally made it to Hyattville, Wyoming. After a long trip from Rapid City, SD I am ready for something to do. The trip ended up being 1400 miles. I woke up at 5:30 without an alarm (You have to keep in mind there is a time change, so it was really like 6:30), and […]

My Passion

So I have realized that I am passionate about the beef industry. It is a way of life for me and something that I hold as a defining characteristic of mine. Along with that comes an interest in news and rallies against the industry. I have also come to realize that I am a very […]

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