Agriculture Mobile Apps

Looking for the perfect agriculture mobile app?

The following a cumulative list of online tools and mobile applications for the farming and ranching community. If you have any additions to this list, please utilize the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

90-Day Calving Season Calculator: (Excel; Free) Allows the user to map out and plan breeding dates, calving season windows, bull placement for mature and replacement heifer herds. Instructions, Management Considerations. University of Georgia

AI Cowculator: (iOS; Free) The AI Cowculator uses actual producer inputs and predicted cattle values to generate a partial budget to determine the gain or loss per cow if artificial insemination were to replace natural service. University of Florida

Angus Mobile: (iOS; Free) Angus members have access to their AAA Login herd data and the ability to enter calving book records from the field, search for any registered Angus animal, browse sale books, show results, sale reports, and many more features. American Angus Association

agriculture farm ranch mobile appsBeef Anatomy: (iOS, Android; $4.99) Visual and text information about the muscles and bones of the beef carcass. Navigate through the carcass by displaying cross-sections and then touch any muscle or bone to display the respective physical and chemical properties. University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Beef Cattle BCS: (iOS; Free) Track and organize body condition scores for your beef cow herd. Snap a cow’s photo, compare to reference images, add an ear tag number, pasture name and save the score for future comparison. Crystalyx

Beef Cattle Buy/Sell Margins Calculator: (Excel; Free) Allows custom inputs of beginning information with desired endpoints to calculate buy/sell margins based on 5-market area historical information, complete with visual graphics and print-out forms. University of Tennessee Extension

Beef Cattle Marketing Alternatives Calculator: (Excel; Free) Compare selling, backgrounding, stockering and retaining ownership. Utilizing known information and predicted endpoints, calculate and compare alternative marketing methods for beef and stocker cattle. University of Georgia

Body Condition Beef Cattle: ($0.99 iOS, $4.99 Android) Visually assess your cow herd and nutrition program using a number system that describes the amount of condition or fat reserve of the cow. University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Cattle Breakeven: (iOS; Free) This Livestock Break Even Application will calculate the breakeven price for many livestock species as well three different break-even scenarios: Break-even Purchase Price, Break-even Cost of Gain, Breakeven Selling Price. Necessary input information is retained for easy use. Mississippi State University Extension

Cattle Calculator: (iOS; Free) Cattle Calculator allows beef cattle producers to make quick everyday calculations important for their operations. Calculations related to reproductive management, animal performance, and management decisions are available. Mississippi State University Extension

Cattle Market Mobile: (iOS, Android; Free) Allows cattle producers to monitor current auction prices.  This app uses data produced by the USDA as well as local livestock auction markets to give you current cattle prices in the palm of your hand. Also feature Calf Calculator to estimate value based on location. Cattle Market Mobile

Cattle Tracker: – Keep track of weaning, pregnancy checks and calving. Cattle Tracker helps document information that needs to be recorded in real time. Data collected can be emailed as a spreadsheet file, allowing producers to keep records from year to year. The app is available at

Compendium of Veterinary Products: (iOS, Android; Free) – Features over 5,000 pharmaceutical, biological, feed medication and parasiticide product monographs, indexed by trade name and product category, species-specific charts including Withdrawal Times. North American Compendiums

Congress: (iOS, Android; Free) Learn more about your member of Congress, get in touch with them and see what they’re up to. Follow the latest bills, see floor activity and explore votes from the palm of your hand. Sunlight Foundation

Controlled Breeding Season Calculator: (Excel; Free) Create calendar from breeding to pregnancy-checks to calving dates. Map out bull placement and pregnancy check dates for multiple seasons with and without replacement heifers. University of Georgia

CowQlate: (iOS; $0.99) A collection of calculators for ag producers. It has a peer-reviewed feed cost calculator, a dry matter conversion calculator, a corn stalks calculator and a bovine gestation calculator. University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Crop Water: (Android; Free) Estimate soil water status based on Watermark sensors installed at depths of 1, 2, and 3 feet. With sensor readings, Crop Water app will estimate the water used as well as what is still available for soils. Also see historic sensor readings and graph. University of Nebraska – Lincoln

EstruSynch: (Excel; Free) A Estrus Synchronization Planner that assists herd managers in making the right management decisions and establishing a program calendar for each day and each task. Iowa Beef Center/Beef Reproduction Task Force

Farm Fuel Budget: (Android; Free) Select number of acres planted each year, the crops planted, and crop production operations for each crop. Estimate your fuel cost by year and your total fuel cost. The app allows you to change production operations to match tillage systems. North Dakota State University

Feed Cost Calculator: (iOS, Android; Free) Allows livestock producers to compare 2 available feedstuffs based on their relative cost per pound of protein and energy delivered. The app provides book values for several feedstuffs. Edit these or add new feedstuffs as needed. South Dakota State University

Feedstuffs Cost Comparison: (Desktop, Android, iOS; Free) – Evaluate the relative costs of two different feedstuffs. SDSU Extension

GrassSnap: (Android; Free) GrassSnap makes photo-monitoring a snap! Rangeland managers can quickly grab repeatable photo-monitoring data, and save it to their smart device. Data can easily be downloaded to a computer. University of Nebraska – Lincoln

GrazingCalc: (iOS; $0.99) Allows the user to quickly and easily calculate a correct stocking rate for your property based on the measured forage production. The tool also allows you to change the number of animals and grazing months based on estimated available forage. Texas A&M University

GrazeKeeper: (Desktop; From $12-48/month) Inventory, measure degree of grazing on plants, track livestock movements, and report livestock movements by pasture or management group, while providing a visual and actual record of available forage. Montana Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative

iHerd: (iOS; Free) Rivalling the most advanced cattle management software, the app regularly synchronizes all your property and paddock data between managers. This gives you the ability to keep track of all your head, paddock details and property ID numbers whilst on the job. iApps Pty

Land Lease Calculator: (iOS, Android; $1.99) Collect information that will help determine what might be charged for agricultural land leases. While final decision is entirely up to the parties involved, this app will help to frame the discussion and provide insight into possibilities. University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Manure Valuator: (Android, iOS; Free) – University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture has released the Manure Valuator app to help producers calculate the dollar and nutritive value of manure applied to a specific field and then share the results via email.

Mobile Cattle Tracker: (iOS, Android; Free Lite, $9.99) Production data like birth records, weights and measurements and management activities collected in a consistent manner and on a timely basis so that meaningful information can be generated. University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Montana Brands: (iOS, Android, Windows; Free) This app allows you to view all of the brands registered in the state of Montana. You can search for brands by owner information, and filter results based on major character, a minor character, etc. Montana Department of Livestock

PDF Maps: (iOS, Android; Free, Select Features for Purchase) Offline map viewer with professionally created maps for a wide variety of uses. Maps stored on your device and are always available even when not connected to the Internet. Maps don’t need cellular coverage to be viewed. U.S. Forest Service

Pesticide Recordkeeping (PeRK): (Android; Free) An easy, step-by-step data entry process to enter pesticide application. Location is found by GPS or manually entered. Records are saved within the app and can be exported via email. University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Pest Management: (iOS, Android; Free) Grouped by diseases, insects, and weeds for each crop (corn, dry bean, potato, small grains, soybean, sugar beet, and sunflower). The user can view rates, mode of action, general information and additional resources. North Dakota State University

Ranch Calculator: (iOS; Free) Series of ranch calculators (stocking rate, fed hay predictions, embryo calf breakevens, calf crop breakevens, annual cow cost, cow supplementation, and horse supplementation) allow manipulation of input values unique to the ranch for custom output values. iRanch Apps

Revalor® Fed Cattle Day Calculator: (iOS; Free) Allows Cattle Feeders to determine the best re-implanting dates for feedlot steers and heifers. Has all-around implant programs that provide the best performance and quality grade results. Allows for flexible terminal windows to increase performance. Revalor

Sirrus: (Desktop, iOS; Some feature require premium subscription) – Digitize field boundaries, center-pivots, Create soil sampling schemes, Set a navigation route through soil sampling points, Monitor current weather, Store and share data securely with cloud sync and backup. SST Software. (Video)

Today’s Mobile Cattle Rancher: (Desktop, Android; $12.95) – Allows users to Add-Edit Records, Medical Records, Animal Notes, Record Weight Changes, Record Births, Record Location Changes, Record Sales, Record Feedings, and more. Ag Management Systems, Inc.

Udder & Teat Scoring: ($0.99 iOS, $4.99 Android) A specialized app for beef producers to standardize udder and teat scoring. Also includes a tutorial to learn how to score udders and teats. University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Have any online tools and mobile apps that should be added to this list? Please submit them using the contact form below.