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Calving Season – What works for your operation?

Everyone has a different calving season. Some have none at all. Some folks begin Spring calving in January, others wait until March or even May. Then you have Fall calving season that can begin in September or October. With so much difference, what’s the right answer for everyone? There isn’t one! And if someone tells […]


Wordless Wednesday: Calving Season

I brought this calf the house to warm because it was born in a snowstorm and covered in snow and ice. Its ears and nose froze the night after it was born. At least its still alive! Just about as fresh out of the oven as you can get. Can you guess this crop and […]

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Calving Season: Labor of Love

Calving is one of my favorite seasons on the ranch. I was reminded of this on Sunday morning as I watched young calves buck and run against the backdrop of a wonderful sunrise. Our snow-laden and cold weather have given way to a much more welcome warming trend this week; much better conditions for calving […]

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Cattle Market Trends, Seasonality and Resources

How does the old joke go? If you walk into the sale barn cafe, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to hear a someone griping about the cattle markets or the weather. Two subjects that are ever-changing, and neither will be just right. Too much moisture, or temperature swings to wide. If we sell […]

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Breeding Season coming to a close

Earlier this week, I was busy in the barn at one of our farms despite the humidity and rain. We were working cattle and pulling bulls from the cow herds. The calves were receiving their first round of vaccinations (2 shots – one to protect against 7 different Clostridiums and Pinkeye, another for Respiratory diseases), […]

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