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Bayer’s 6 AgVocates You Should Follow

Last week, Bayer Crop Sciences shared their 6 AgVocates To Follow. This list includes some pretty awesome advocates from across our agriculture communities, and I am thankful to be among those named. While I’ve been included on similar lists before, I never want to take it for granted that efforts to share my perspectives will always […]

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Bovine Respiratory Disease with Bayer Veterinarian | Agriculture Proud Podcast 006

BRD. Google results tell me this is Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Germany’s official name. But that’s about all I know in German history. BRD in my life actually stands for Bovine Respiratory Disease. On this week’s episode of the Agriculture Proud podcast, I catch up with Dr. Jim Little, a technical services veterinarian with Bayer Animal Health […]

Work With Me

Since 2008, I have been involved in efforts to help our agriculture community be stronger communicators and advocates, bridging the gap to connect with people who want to learn more about how our food is grown and the people involved in our industry. My experiences range from working one-on-one with local producer organizations to directing […]

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Diversity and Inclusion – will Ag brush it off?

Does agriculture have a problem with diversity and inclusion? Is this something the community is willing to admit and work on? Or will some in the industry try to brush this off as well? In the weeks after I first shared my experiences challenging diversity and inclusion in the workplace, I’ve received an overwhelming amount […]

Food for thought

Omitting Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

To follow-up on the previous post where I shared my experiences and challenges of organizational culture, diversity and inclusion, today I’d like to share the perspective of a former colleague. This person has requested to remain anonymous, but their voice is important to describe the culture at the organization that led to the departure of […]

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A word on organizational culture, diversity and inclusion

This year has proven to be challenging. I have been presented with opportunities to stand up for the ethics and values I have been taught my entire life. Our communities – whether those be defined by race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or a rural-urban divide – are often passionate about our deeply rooted beliefs, which […]

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