Top 5 Agriculture Proud Blog Posts From 2016

Angus Cow Breed TennesseeYes, 2016 is coming to an end. For me, it has been a year with some significant highs, and a few humbling lows. I accomplished my goal of completing three marathons (each under my goal of 4 hours), checked off visits to many more states, and had some amazing opportunities to travel to several National Parks. I learned some important career lessons with a new venture and accepted opportunities to work with several groups at many conferences and trade shows. Experiences, Not Things, turned out to be a good representation of my 2016.

I’ve added several thousand new followers in the past year, so this is a good opportunity to catch up on what you may have missed. Today, I begin a review of my Top 5 posts from each social media channel. Check out the posts, share a few of your favorites and encourage your friends to subscribe to my updates for what will prove to be a busy 2017.

Thank you to everyone who has joined in conversations this year and I look forward to many more great experiences in the year ahead!

Top 5 Blog Posts

  1. Undercover video reveals shocking images of Wisconsin dairy farm – A Wisconsin dairy farm releases video to address concerns about animal welfare in modern barns.
  2. Ask A Farmer: Why do farmers leave dying corn in fields? – Indiana farmer, Brian Scott, describes why we sometimes see dead corn stalks standing in the field.
  3. Ask A Farmer: Does feeding corn harm cattle? – Does corn make cattle sick? How do they digest corn? Is it natural?
  4. Why do farmers and ranchers castrate their cattle? – Breeding selection, health, safety, and consumer preference for beef taste.
  5. Cattle Breeds 101: Brahman – Those cattle with the floppy ears and big hump may not survive up north, but they do have some desirable traits.
Corn Silage
Corn Silage

While my blogging wasn’t as frequent in 2016 due to time commitments in other projects, I’ve written several articles through the years that have stood the test of time. The five posts above demonstrate that writing about topics describing daily agriculture life is just as important as writing about hot news topics.

Consider this as you plan content for 2017 and write more about the day-to-day tasks in agriculture, on the farm or ranch, or whatever role you may have in agriculture. People are asking questions about what we do and each of these five posts receive daily hits from people using online search engines to find more information.

What were your favorite blog posts from 2016?

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Ryan Goodman works in grassroots advocacy with beef cattle farmers and ranchers across the United States. He is a proud alumnus of Oklahoma State University, with studies focusing on cattle reproduction and nutrition. Ryans
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