Year: 2015

Integrity as Seen from Outside Perspectives

Integrity is who you are when you think no one’s looking. Not that what you’re doing is wrong, but never assume others see things the way you do. We should always be prepared to share why we do things the way we do. To the right is a screen capture from my Instagram feed a […]

Cattle Market Trends, Seasonality and Resources

How does the old joke go? If you walk into the sale barn cafe, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to hear a someone griping about the cattle markets or the weather. Two subjects that are ever-changing, and neither will be just right. Too much moisture, or temperature swings to wide. If we sell […]

Setting my running goals for 2015

Last year I became a bit more dedicated to my running interests. Living in Helena provides plenty of opportunity for my feet to hit the pavement (and dirt). Even though Helena is the capitol city for Montana, traffic is relatively light and I’ve laced up the shoes after work and have run from one end of […]

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