Month: April 2015

First race of the season – Early Bird 5 Mile Run

My first race of the season is in the books! Fortunately, I’m off on the right foot and am already looking forward to more. After accomplishing my first 100-mile month in March (106), I’m feeling good about 2015. On Saturday, I ran the Early Bird 5-mile run here in town. It wasn’t too large – […]

Woman Downs Three 72oz Texas Steaks in an Hour

As a kid, my family’s Spring Break vacations included driving to Amarillo and seeing our cattle in the feedlot. We would end up with close to 12,000 head of cattle there throughout the course of the year, so it was more than just a drive in the pasture to check on the herd. The trip […]

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe – Farmers find newborns in sets of 3, 4 and even 5

It’s calving season! And lambing season! Has anyone seen the foals? Calving season is absolutely my most missed activity now that I’m not able to be on the ranch full time. I’ve always enjoyed taking care of the young calves and even made an agnerd out of myself studying livestock reproduction in both undergraduate and […]

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