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Agriculture proud 2014 blog recap
Reaching new heights in 2014!

2014 has most definitely been a busy year in my life and on this blog. Though I may have blogged less frequently toward the end of the year, my audience has definitely grown, making 2014 my largest year yet for the Agriculture Proud blog. Thank you!

For the past few weeks, I have been counting down the Top 10 blog posts written in 2014, but the ten most popular posts this year were not all written during the past 12 months. My traffic from search engines continues to grow, thanks in great part to you submitting questions via my contact form, that leads to more posts being added to my Ask A Farmer series. Let’s keep those questions coming in 2015!

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2014 Top 10 Blog Posts

  1. Ask A Farmer: Does feeding corn harm cattle? (2012)
  2. Updated: Muck Boots Sleeps While Social Media Lights Up Over HSUS Fundraiser | #WhatTheMuck
  3. What happens in a cattle feedlot – Explaining Aerial Images
  4. Characteristics of a Farmer – The Farmer’s Creed (2013)
  5. 4 frustrating agriculture messages we need to fix
  6. Why Castrate Cattle? (2011)
  7. Ask A Farmer: Why do farmers leave dying corn in fields? (guest @thefarmerslife)
  8. Cattle Breeds 101: Brahman (2012)
  9. Agriculture – Top 20 Most Useless Degrees? (2011)
  10. Ask A Farmer: What is a cattle feedlot? (2012)

Other Popular Blog Posts Written in 2014

  1. How to lose an argument on food and agriculture topics
  2. One Year After Atlas Blizzard Kills Thousands of Livestock
  3. My Chat with Chipotle on Food With Integrity | Part 1 (also see Part 2 and Part 3)
  4. What Happens In A Cattle Feedlot – My Introduction As A Kid
  5. Lessons I’ve learned while sticking my neck out
  6. Lessons To Learn From The Muck Boots Blunder

Was your favorite blog post on this list? If not, let me know in the comments section below!

Also, be sure to see the most popular posts from previous year – 2013 and 2012!

Ryan Goodman works in grassroots advocacy with beef cattle farmers and ranchers across the United States. He is a proud alumnus of Oklahoma State University, with studies focusing on cattle reproduction and nutrition. Ryans
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