5 Things: Food On My Mind and ‘Type A’ Personality Problems

My blogging in 2014 = sucks. Life and work have been crazy busy, but in a good kind of exhausting way. I traveled much of December, January, and February, then it got really cold with a lot of snow. Now that we’re moving into Spring, the snow sticks around for shorter periods of time, the sun stays up much longer, and I’m finally getting things lined out. My Type A personality is finally able to breathe a sigh of relief!

So instead of trying to blog about everything I need to catch up on, I thought I’d make headway with the 5 things on the top of my mind today.

Early mornings are no excuse for poor diet choices.

Last week, CNN’s food page posted a story following an anchor as she switched gears from an afternoon broadcast to anchor their New Day morning show. Brooke Baldwin marveled and laughed about her diet high in sugar, coffee, donuts, poptarts, champagne, two meals a day, and how all that ended up in a spell of food poisoning. No wonder…

I asked the crowd in the I am Agriculture Proud Facebook group their thoughts and suggestions and the responses were pretty much in line with what I expected. Early mornings are no excuse to eat poorly. I start every morning with a glass of water, a chocolate drink mix, milk, 2 eggs, greek yogurt, and banana/orange. Kick off the day with plenty of protein and vitamins, lay off the sugar, and fit in some exercise. I aim for at least four, 45-minute workouts every week. Everyone is different, but my routines are working pretty well for me. What is your advice for getting a great start and powering through the day despite early morning starts?

Pork Chop, Bacon, and T-bone

One of my co-workers is out of the office this week and on vacation with his kids while they’re on Spring Break. That means I get to take care of their 4-H projects! This is Pork Chop and Bacon. In the background is T-bone the steer. In all reality, I don’t know what their names are, but I do know that’s how I named my animals when I was showing as a youth.

4-H Show PigsMy vegan experience

Actually, my experience doesn’t entail indulging in any changes of my diet or wardrobe, but I do have the opportunity to work with a future Montana Beef Ambassador this week. I’ll be playing the role of a vegetarian/vegan to gauge their ability to respond to situations where they may encounter people who challenge their stance on issues surrounding beef.

I again turned to Facebook, on the I am Agriculture Proud page this time, to poll the audience on how I should prepare. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough about the situation, but I was a little disappointed in the tone of several responses. Sure, we can have fun with stereotypes, and we do frequently joke of our love of beef (that in no way means I don’t have my healthy portions of all the other food groups as well), but there were definitely some statements that I’d hope wouldn’t be made in the conversation with someone about vegetarian or vegan diets/lifestyles. Might I suggest these tips for better conversations and a bit more respect shared in earlier blog posts.

So people’s comments = #SMH

CNN Eatocracy reshared my 2013 article about National Agriculture Day and it received quite the traffic after being tweeted out on the @CNN account. That also brought in some interesting comments from the gallery. *cough*trolls*cough*

If we believed the comments made, farmers only work 10 hours a year; only work with pesticides, herbicides, GMOs and subsidies; and bring in $1.5 million each year with little to no investment and live off the tax payers’ wallets. Like I said, SMH. We have quite a bit of ground to make up according to some folks’ perspectives.

Technology malfunctions may drive me crazy.

That ‘Type A’ personality I mentioned above…. Yeah, it doesn’t do so well with malfunctioning technology. Website design isn’t my area of specialty, but I have done everything with the tools available to me to try and make my work website function properly. It’s not happening. I’ve even watched several hours of video tutorials from tech pros. It’s not happening. The bread crumb trail has traveled around the world and back again and everyone I talk to trying to gather all the pieces back together only have another vague name or email address for me. *Throwing hands up in the air* Now I’m seeking help from a professional. If you know an expert in WordPress websites (or are one), give me a shout. I need help.

On a brighter tech note, I LOVE trying to explain the basics of technology to Montana ranchers! We’re talking, how to open/send an email or click on hyperlinks on a webpage. Weird, right? But I love the challenge of having to take a step back and be able to explain things from the start, especially things I’ve been doing since I was in high school. In turn, these ranchers are probably teaching me more about life than I’ll ever realize. But hey, what’s life without a challenge?

Image credit: Idaho Cattle Association
Image credit: Idaho Cattle Association
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Ryan Goodman works in grassroots advocacy with beef cattle farmers and ranchers across the United States. He is a proud alumnus of Oklahoma State University, with studies focusing on cattle reproduction and nutrition. Ryans
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