Why Invest in Social Media? Ask One Question

I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work on social media training with many individual farmers and ranchers as well as guest speaking at several events during the past several years. One of the most frequent challenges folks often face when trying to justify the investment into social media can be boiled down to just one question… “WHY?”

I always suggest planning out a social media strategy should begin with sitting down to draw out a road map. Who is your audience? What are you trying to accomplish? What are your goals? But this week, I found a good article in my feeds that summed it up pretty well.

Win With Social Media Marketing By Answering One Question | WebPro Business

The thing that really needs to be nailed down when it comes to blogging or any other social media effort, is the answer to this most important question:


Before you dismiss this as obvious, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a group of smart, accomplished marketers just assume the person in charge of the directive has a well informed answer to “why”.

If you’re a social media marketer, content marketer, copywriter or in another role where blogging is part of your responsibility, try to start asking “why” when you receive directives related to growing community, affecting a certain kind of traffic or other key performance indicator.

If you get a reasonable answer, then you’ll have better context to achieve the goal. If you don’t, then it’s an opportunity to collect the information necessary to make your efforts more productive for you, the company and the audience you’re targeting.

There are several ways to approach this, but one of the most straightforward schemes for asking and managing the “why” is through a cycle of hypothesis, implementation and optimization.

Visit the article to read more – Win With Social Media Marketing By Answering One Question


The author gets a little technical, but I think he makes some great points, but it certainly helps my strategy on a daily basis as I work with ranchers here in Montana. I continually find myself asking how we can make the best use of social media to market folks who don’t always understand the value of it.

Too often we can get wrapped up in what WE love to do and misplace our focus on our objective for investing time online. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded of how some many issues can be refocused with a question as simple as “Why?”.

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  1. Good thought provoker, Ryan. This is something that I have pondered on quite often in my “blogging journey”. Over the past almost three years, blogging has become a very personal outlet for me relative to writing and creativity. When I first got started, my goal was to reach thousands and thousands of people and numbers/statistics provided a big focus for me. As I moved along the journey, I realized that I blog because I really love to write and take pictures and share my life on a cattle feed yard. The focus shifted from always striving to increasing “read numbers” to just enjoying the art of blogging. I have found that I love to “put the pieces of a good blog post together”, and find more reward in accomplishing this than staring at blog statistics. Since my blog is not a “profit making venture”, I can have more of a creative focus and find motivation to blog in pride over the end product of the written material.

    While this type of a focus is not likely to grow my blog by huge numbers, I do see organic growth in subscribers (small but steady). My goal is to inform, inspire, and entertain my followers while sharing pieces of myself, my farm, and my family. My love of writing keeps me going even though “stardom” is still an awfully long way into the sunset!

    Thanks for sharing,

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