Month: February 2014

Snow has definitely arrived in Helena

Finally, we get a decent snow on the ground here in Helena. There’s been a good 12-18″ of snow during the past week, most of it still on the ground, what hasn’t blown off. We’re supposed to reach close to freezing tomorrow before another 6-10″ hits us with temps dropping 20-25 below zero. And oddly […]

Checking the Facts on Chris Leonard’s “The Meat Racket”

Earlier this month, the efforts continued to look at food and meat production with a nostalgic yearning for yesterday. This time it’s another book with a critical eye on the meat and poultry industries in the United States. I’ve shared information about these conversations in the past, including the “glass walls project” with a transparent […]

My Challenge to Chipotle | CNN Eatocracy

Chipotle Mexican Grill is at it again with their “Food With Integrity” campaigns. This time, they’ve spent $1 million on a four-part series of :30 videos on Hulu titled “Farmed and Dangerous”. This is a good opportunity the agriculture community needs to take advantage of. Be there to share your experiences and talk about the […]

How are antibiotics used in cattle? What room is there for improvement?

“Who would want to eat beef, especially when you consider all the antibiotics and growth hormones used in raising the cattle.” — Actual comment that represents many online article comments. General consumer sentiment on beef today? Yes or No? If so, what can we do to change this? And I’m not looking for the easy […]

2014 AgChat Foundation Regional Conference – Portland

Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Portland, Oregon for the 2014 AgChat Foundation Regional Conference. The 2-day Conference is a smaller scale of our national conference (2014 national location to be announced soon!) and is a great opportunity for folks on a beginner level to get a more intimate opportunity to learn […]

My Favorite Super Bowl Ads – that I completely missed out on

When you’re flying out of Helena, Montana, there are two choices for flying out of town. Either you fly out at 6 a.m. or you leave on one of two mid-day flights. And during the winter, you can pretty much bet on delays somewhere along the way. Since I had just returned from the AgChat […]

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