Month: November 2012

How can I learn where food comes from?

If ever there were a black hole for my time and efforts, graduate school would be it. Getting into the depths of my research, literature review, and thesis writing takes a lot out of a person. Last week, I announced a hiatus for my blogging efforts, at least until I finish my Master’s program. I […]

Farewell and Thank You – Big Sky Boots [Giveaway]

I have to go out on a high note right? I really can’t wrap up my blogging without saying THANK YOU to all of my friends and followers! And I have the PERFECT gift for one lucky person! Thanks to the generosity and creativity of my friend Lauren Chase at the Montana StockGrowers Association (MSGA), […]

Food, Politics, Lies, and the Truth

“A lie can travel halfway across the planet in the time the truth is still putting on its trousers.” — Winston Churchill Anyone can say anything negative about modern agriculture and have it be believed. Correcting erroneous beliefs is a much greater challenge. You will be surprised at some of these issues that we believe […]

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