Wordless Wednesday: Morning in the Summer pasture

There’s nothing quite like being out in the summer pastures before it gets hot. If only this grass could be a little more green…

This cow is an easy keeper. Need more like her who hold their weight well in this drought.
This is one of the best pastures on the place right now. Resting for more than a month and didn’t stockpile much grass.
Searching for all the grass they can get before it really warms up

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  1. Ryan,
    How do you feel the drought and the corn mortality will effect cattle prices?
    Will the farmers switch over to other forages? Are the other forages affordible? Will there be a sell off like last year in Texas and Oklahoma?
    Fodder Feeds

    1. Greg, During the past few weeks, Arkansas producers have been selling off cattle in numbers 2-3 times normal for this time of year. Things will ease a bit for this week’s markets due to some spotty rainfall. This has been one of the hardest hit areas from my contacts, along with the lower Midwest. Corn prices will continue to rise if reports continue to rise with crop failures.

      This is a great opportunity for cattle producers to trim down their herds and come out with fewer numbers and better quality cattle. Farmers need to remember our fundamental forage management tools, utilizing cool and warm season forages when they do receive enough rainfall, recognize their supplementation resources to stretch feed supplies, and select supplements on a cost per nutrient basis. Those who can better manage their resources will come out ahead. Feeding more during a drought period doesn’t always make for the best long-term decisions.

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