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This weekend, one of my online efforts reached 108,600 online shares. Wow! A little over a year ago, I created a daily Twitter paper to serve as an aggregate for Agriculture links shared on Twitter and other Social Media feeds. Now that collection includes 3 different papers. It’s a pretty cool way to surf the headlines, so I thought it should now be included on my blog. There’s an easy access tab on the top bar “#AgProud Daily” so you can get the latest paper edition.


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Every day on Twitter there are 1,000′s of stories shared about Agriculture – links to blog posts, news headlines, photos, videos, or just simple 140-character inlets to lives within Agriculture. The sheer mass of updates can sometimes be overwhelming to follow. I’ve created a few Daily papers to aggregate these tweets into one page. Think of it as your daily newspaper, only in an electronic format.

Each day you can see a new edition of the papers, including headline stories, photos, videos, and links to those who share them. You can view the updates through my Twitter feed (@AR_ranchhand) or through the following links…

The #AgProud Daily

This is my feature paper, including stories from all across Agriculture. There’s also an entire conversation happening on the #AgProud Twitter feed.

The Agriculture Blog Daily

This paper focuses on blog updates about Agriculture. More blog updates can be found on the Blogging for Agriculture Facebook fan page or on the #AgBlog Twitter stream.

The #RanchLife Daily

This paper is specific to the #RanchLife Twitter stream – includes updates from those writing about life on farms and ranches across the globe.

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Why should I be on Twitter?

Twitter is quickly becoming the fastest way to get and share news and ideas. Livestock producers can easily follow all major news sources (e.g., CNN, Fox News, New York Times, local newspapers) and agriculture publications (e.g., Beef Magazine, Cattle Network). Whether it is news on a vote in Congress, scores from a high school basketball game, updates from an agriculture conference or livestock show, or news about the livestock industry, you can get this information first on Twitter. News junkies are very attracted to Twitter for that reason because it is the best way to get “breaking news.”

You can read more about how to use Twitter for Agriculture through the NCBA Young Producers’ Council how-to manual.

How do I get my links shared on paper.li?

I use an online service called paper.li to aggregate my Daily papers. It would be nearly impossible to create these daily papers by hand every day. I set parameters for the paper, specify where I want the service to look for content, and the webpage does the rest. Not every link in the Twitter feeds gets shared on the paper, but if you share links often, you’ll likely end up in a paper soon.

When sharing links to blog posts, news stories, photos, or videos on Twitter, be sure to use hashtags. These are tags that make it simpler for users to follow specific conversations. Hashtags for Agriculture communities include #AgChat, #RanchLife, #FarmLife, #AgBlog, #AgProud, #FoodD, #FoodChat and many, many others.

How do I stop receiving mentions from paper.li?

Sometimes Twitter users want to stop receiving mentions in Daily papers. If this is the case, paper.li provides this link to stop mentions.


Have an idea for a new Twitter Daily paper? Let me know and I’ll add it to my collection!

Do you host a Twitter Daily paper? Leave a link in the comments below!

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