Day: March 12, 2012

Let It All Go – Johnny Cooper

It’s my “Been At The Office For Entirely Too Long” song. I’ll just let the lyrics do the talking for me. ***Mandatory: Roll windows down. Crank the music up. Sing along obnoxiously loud.*** roll your windows down, let the wind ride in, it’s closer to feelin’ freeput a record on, turn the stereo loud and […]

What is Pink Slime And Is It Safe?

What is pink slime? My social media timelines have been filled with these stories since late last week, but honestly I have not had much time to respond. And honestly, I do not feel qualified to respond. However, thanks to the wonder of social networking, I have friends who have expressed their opinions. Last Wednesday, […]

AgProud: Family Roots in Agriculture

There is so much more to agriculture than simply farming. I plan to feature individuals who play a part in that as I continue this week with my month-long series highlighting the diversity of Agriculture. Today we hear from Daren Williams with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Daren did a little digging to find his […]

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