Year: 2011

Sweet Potato Casserole

Christmas is drawing near and with it comes great times with the 3 F’s: Family, Friends, and Food! Many holiday memories center around the kitchen table as my family gathers around the many casseroles, dressing, and pies. After all, who doesn’t love some good food? Yes, I do have a few dishes I enjoy fixing. […]

The Past and Future of Cattle Reproduction

Flipping through my weekly email updates, I found this interesting story from Drover’s CattleNetwork that highlights notes from the Dr George Seidel, Colorado State University professor. Dr Seidel discusses Past advances in cattle reproduction technology, and what we have to look for in the future. I think the last line of the story sums it […]

Learning Something New: Artificial Insemination

It’s a 3 hour drive back to the house, across the Tennessee River and on highways unknown. Maybe it’s enough time for my fingers to thaw and feet to warm. After standing in the cold barn with snow cover all day, I’m mighty glad to remember the thermals and thick socks. I learned a new piece […]

Wordless Wednesday: Sharing Your Pride in Ag

How do you share your love for agriculture? Do you have a bumber sticker or a big cotton piece like this? Driving around Tennessee I see so many Tennessee Agriculture Products plates. The plates fund the Tennessee Agriculture Development Fund, supporting youth organizations, Ag and forestry awareness, education, and marketing. The program does great work […]

Making the Transition: Dumbphone to Blackberry Curve

When opportunity knocks at the door… Don’t turn opportunity away. Well, my phone contract came up last month and I took advantage to step into the world of smartphones. Good bye dumbphone, hello crackberry. Besides being overwhelmed and the amount of information in my hand and going over the data limit in the first month, […]

Cattle Breeds 101: Maine Anjou

Maine Anjou (commonly referred to as Maine) has always been one of my favorite breeds. Like many other cattle breeds, many of the cattle are predominantly black to appeal to current marketing strategies. I love the Maine crossed with an Angus for a moderate frame, good milk production, and heavy bone structure and muscle score. I once […]

Book Review: We Pointed Them North

Kinda proud of myself, I have been a bit more committed to my Readings and Ruminations book list recently. Last week I finished another first-hand account from a Cowboy on the trail in the late 1800s. We Pointed Them North is a collection of tales from Edward Charles (Teddy Blue) Abbott, as he told them […]

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