Month: October 2011

Bite Yer Tongue

Sometimes I swear God puts me in certain situations, just so I can learn my lesson. Too bad I’m pretty stubborn, and usually end up frustrated when I can’t get things right. I’m gettin better at opening my ears, biting my tongue, and taking a deep breath (James 1:19). One of these days I’ll have […]

Tennessee Ag Facts: Tobacco

Since my move to Tennessee, I have seen some new things in Agriculture. One of them is tobacco. Although tobacco is slowly easing its way out of the immediate area, the red tobacco barns are still standing. These days many of them make good hay barns. During my trip to Houston County a few weeks […]

Cowman Anonymous

It’s about time someone steps up to admit there are others out there. I admit I have a problem, but not sure I’m ready to quit. Thought this editorial from Troy Marshall from Beef Magazine was worth sharing… I’m thinking about starting a new self-help program. I’d call it Cowman Anonymous. At this point, however, […]

Cattle Breeds 101: White Park

It’s Finally Friday! This means another round of cattle breed facts; a series of Cattle Breeds 101 posts where I cover different breeds beef cattle. Facts will be shared from American Breed Associations and the Oklahoma State Cattle Breed Database. The American White Park is a large white breed with black or red points (ears, […]

Cow Efficiency Topic of Cattlemen’s Meeting

Nothing beats a meal of good bbq and good conversation with older cattlemen from the area. The one place to find such a thing is at a County Cattlemen’s meeting. I have always enjoyed traveling to these meetings across Arkansas with my dad. Our family’s cattle auction gives him a pretty good excuse to visit […]

Animal protection efforts have unintended results

On the heels of yesterday’s post about the importance of advocating for agriculture within our communities, I find this post from a Tennessee newspaper that further supports the need for agvocacy in our own communities. Rather than summarize parts of the story, I’ve decided it’s best you just read it yourself. Below is a portion; […]

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