Month: October 2011

Questions about Heifer Development

Spend an afternoon reading scientific journal articles like it’s the latest newsstand gossip and your head will be spinning like a carnival ride. If only I could master the art of speed-reading…Everyone has a different approach to developing replacement heifers for their beef herds. Some simply focus on a good feeding and mineral program, consistent […]

Book Review: The Worst Hard Time

Not sure if you have checked out my Readings and Ruminations book list lately, but I have shared my thoughts on some recent reads. My latest book to complete is The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan. Despite some long chapters, this book is a definite page-turner for anyone interested in stepping into the shoes […]

Road Trip To The Bluegrass State: Kentucky AgFacts

What does a guy like me do when there’s an actual weekend off work? Hit the road after work on Friday, drive 4 hours, change time zones, and go look at horses and cattle. Yeah, that was my weekend road trip to central Kentucky, Lexington, and Frankfort. Huge thanks to Jesse (@cowgirljesse) and Ray Bowman […]

Cattle Breeds 101: Beefmaster

It’s Finally Friday! This means another round of cattle breed facts; a series of Cattle 101 posts where I cover different breeds beef cattle. Facts will be shared from American Breed Associations and the Oklahoma State Cattle Breed Database. This week I share the origins of the Beefmaster breed. Many modern cattle producers would be […]

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