Month: August 2011

Water Supplies Become Issue For Livestock

 Not only are the forage and hay supplies affected by this dry weather, but water supplies for livestock remain a concern. In Southern and Southwest Arkansas many creeks and ponds are drying up quickly, leaving nothing more than mud or a dry creek bed. Many cattle producers are able to provide a fresh supply of […]


Nashville, Here I Come: ACFC11 Full of Bloggers

One day, never been East of Memphis. Next day, boom! I’m East of Memphis! That’s right, this week I’m in Nashville this for the 2011 edition of the AgChat Foundation Conference. I’m pretty excited to meet so many fellow agvocates and put a face and voice with the twitter handles and SM profiles. It should […]

Bart the Cattle Buyer

Found these stories about Bart the Cattle Buyer from and thought I would share. Enjoy the laugh this morning! The washing machine at Bart’s house had a meltdown and his wife replaced it with a new washer/dryer combination leaving them with a dryer still in good working condition. Bart asked his wife, “What are […]

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