Nashville, Here I Come: ACFC11 Full of Bloggers

One day, never been East of Memphis. Next day, boom! I’m East of Memphis! That’s right, this week I’m in Nashville this for the 2011 edition of the AgChat Foundation Conference. I’m pretty excited to meet so many fellow agvocates and put a face and voice with the twitter handles and SM profiles. It should be an interesting mix of farmers, ranchers, and agriculture professionals from all corners of the country. I’ll be hosting a breakout session covering the basics of blogging for beginners with Katie Pinke and Jan Hoadley.

It’s sure to be an interesting few days learning more about the use of social media, networking, and technology to promote and advocate for agriculture. I’ll be sure to share more about the event later.

Many attendees of the conference blog about their experiences in agriculture. It’s a diverse group from different regions of the country, including a few from Canada. Thought I’d share links to a few of the blogs I enjoy.

  • Jan Hoadley, Slow Money Farm – Jan is operates her farm in Nauvoo, Alabama which includes heritage breeds & heirloom varieties of poultry, rabbits, and other small livestock.
  • Janice Person, a colorful adventure – Janice lives in Memphis (transitioning to St Louis) where she works with Monsanto. Janice has a deep love for cotton and travel and shares many of her experiences through blogging.
  • Sam Wildman, Reflections from a Country Boy – (Sam and I have began discussing food options in downtown Nashville about two weeks ago, more on this later!) From South Charleston, Ohio this young farmer and college student shares his view of Ohio Agriculture which includes raising hogs on the family farm.
  • Katie Pinke, Pinke Post – Katie is from an East-Central North Dakota farming background, works for AdFarm, and is a full time mom. She blogs frequently about her life on the North Dakota prarie.
  • Marie Bowers, Oregon Green – Marie is from Redmond, Oregon, active in Oregon Woman for Agriculture, and blogs often about conventional agriculture in the green land of Oregon.
  • Darin Grimm, Darin’s Ramblings – Darin, from Morrill, Kansas, doesn’t profess to blog often, but the entries he does post make a difference. He raises corn, soybeans, and cattle in Kansas, and is a good person to turn to when it comes to social media data.
  • Rosie Templeton, Absolutely Agriculture – Rosie grew up on a cattle ranch in Alberta, Canada. She is a great agriculture advocate, and a great follow to learn more about Canadian agriculture.

Other attendees to the conference include Jeff Fowle, Kelly Rivard, Ray Prock, Celeste Harned, and many, many other great agriculture bloggers from across the country. I could go on for quite a while. I’m really looking forward to the trip, taking in a few of the Nashville sights, and staying within my very slim budget for the trip.

What are your favorite blogs to follow? Does your list include a variety of bloggers from different regions of the country, or even the world?

Ryan Goodman works in grassroots advocacy with beef cattle farmers and ranchers across the United States. He is a proud alumnus of Oklahoma State University, with studies focusing on cattle reproduction and nutrition. Ryans
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