Mid-Year Recap: Top 5 Posts

Hard to believe, but yeah today is July 1. Less than 6 months until Christmas! I’ll keep thinking about that as daily heat indexes reach a muggy 105. 2011 has been an interesting year so far. I moved from the Texas Panhandle back to Southern Arkansas. Think of it as backward in the cattle production chain, from the feedyard which is the last stop before harvest, to the ranch which is the first step. IN May I had the opportunity to travel to New Mexico for my first guest speaking engagement. Looking forward to more opportunities like this. We saw our 12th snowiest winter on record, 25 inches of rain in April, and now we’re back into drought conditions with a month of no rain and temps near the centrury mark every day.

Here are the top 5 posts this year on Agriculture Proud.

  • Agriculture – Top 20 Most Useless Degrees? – Newsweek released their top 20 most useless degrees in today’s economy. This list included  Horticulture (No.2), Agriculture (No.3), Nutrition (No.10), and Animal Science (No.20). Unexpectedly this proved to be my most popular post of all time with more than 1,000 views so far. Andy Vance responded to my post and shared his own thoughts in Agriculture Among “20 Most Useless Degrees”… And We’re Missing the Point.
  • States, Stamps, and AgFacts – This is a fun project I began in February to learn more about Agriculture across the country and at the same time, add to my postcard collection. I asked readers to send me a postcard with a fact about Agriculture unique to their region. I’m just a little more than halfway through the project with 29 states. You can view the video about the project here, and Tri-State Livestock NewsConsumer Ag Connection, and Farm Journal have highlighted my efforts so far.
  • This Is So Country – Another unexpected popular post here. I posted a photo on Facebook of a calf I had in the floorboard of the pickup as I was driving its mother to the corral to treat her for a uterine infection. The photo received more than 80 responses within just a few hours.
  • Quality Food Begins With Quality Animal Care – Mercy For Animals released a video highlighting animal cruelty. Put some graphic 10 second video clips and add a narration to tell the audience what they are seeing and you can make images say anything you want. I responded by sharing the Beef Quality Handling guidelines I follow as a cattle producer as well as links to responses from many other livestock producers.
  • Ranch Snow Day: The Prolapse – As I mentioned earlier, we had an unusually snowy winter season and along with that came the fun of calving season. I had a cow prolapse one morning as the snow started falling and it made for a long day. I was questioned a few times about what those pictures were about, but ranch life isn’t always clean so we have to know what we are dealing with.

2011 has been a fun year so far and I am looking forward to the next half. Was your favorite post included on the list? Be sure to check out the links are take a look back at the fun I’ve had.

Ryan Goodman works in grassroots advocacy with beef cattle farmers and ranchers across the United States. He is a proud alumnus of Oklahoma State University, with studies focusing on cattle reproduction and nutrition. Ryans
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