Month: February 2011

Thoughts on Humane Animal Handling

Earlier this week, #AgChat hosted a discussion over Humane Animal Handling, including third-party audited verification of handling practices for farms and ranches. I found it unusual to have a topic this closely related to actual daily livestock production, so I made a little extra effort to join in. The archives of the discussion are posted […]


Food For Thought: Good Cattle Producers

A good beef cattle producer takes time to admire and evaluate mistakes. Successful producers focus their time and energy on sustainable and profitable beef production. In addition, they use their knowledge of beef cattle breeding principles combined with reliable selection methods to identify animals appropriate for their production system. They maintain detailed financial and performance […]

Oprah, I Eat Vegan Too!

As I’ve said before, with the exception of only a few months in a college apartment, I have spent my entire life on the ranch. Whether it was in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, or Texas, I have been immersed in a life of food production. Because of this lifestyle, there are many things I miss about […]

Caleb is AgProud and Ag-Thankful

Sometimes I forget what it would be like to be a first-generation Aggie. I grew up on the ranch, my dad the same, and the other Goodmans before him. Because of that there is probably a lot I miss, or maybe do not notice. But I wouldn’t give my raising on the ranch for the […]

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