Month: February 2011

Sunday Morning Coffee

There is not a day on the ranch when I can walk outside and know what will come. The closest to a sure plan, especially during calving season, is to check every herd of cows and say I will go from there. Sundays are usually a slack day on the ranch. We work hard on […]


Kansas YFR Knows AgFacts

Since announcing my goal of collecting postcards from every state during 2011, I  have received several cards and have learned much about Agriculture across the country. Jodi Termine (@jtgirl) took the opportunity to encourage Kansas Young Farmers and Ranchers to share a few facts about Kansas Agriculture. In her workshop at the YR&F meeting, Jodi […]

Calving Dystocia: Prevention

Here it is calving season, and in Arkansas so far we have had pretty decent weather. 60s and 70s with sunshine in February is nothing to complain about; granted we do have severe thunderstorms in the forecast. On Monday, I described the challenge we face with calving dystocia during calving season and how fetal rotation […]

Dystocia: The Challenge

Alright, today I started to write this long, informative post about dystocia in livestock and how much livestock producers dread these problems during birthing seasons. Instead, I will spare you the details and share with you why I find calving season such a challenge. Every morning I walk out the door, not knowing what the […]

Where is the Mud?

Just thought I would give ya’ll a sneak peak at my latest adventure in sharing the story from the ranch. You can now find my posts on the AgWeb blog. It’s all about my Ranch Ruminations: thoughts, ideas, and suggestions straight from the pasture. No better place to do my “ruminating”, check it out. Where […]

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