Month: October 2010

Grocery Chains Support Local Farming

Most do not associate large grocery chains with helping local farmers, but this happens more often than you may think. I was in United on Saturday and noticed these signs posted above the produce section describing local producers farmers the grocery chain supports.    

Life at the Feedyard

Pies! Have I told ya’ll how much I love pies? Coconut cream, pecan, chocolate, cherry, pumpkin; my list of favorites goes on and on. As a kid, I was always tagging along when my father went to the cattle auctions so I have great appreciation for those great sale barn cooks out there. Still every […]

Wordless Wednesday: Mountain Livestock

This past weekend I took a drive through the mountains near Canon City and Salida, Colorado. The Aspens are changing colors and the mountain sides are filled with all shades of orange and yellow. Most of the cattle from summer grazing have been brought to lower pastures or hauled for winter feeding and the Peaks […]

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