Month: September 2010

Production Ag: Can We Work Together?

Here is the deal. I strongly disagree with bashing competing sectors of Agriculture Production for one’s benefit. I continually see this by people using labels of grain vs grass fed, big ag vs family farm, organic vs conventional. Many tend to use words like “inhumane” to scare people. Because of this constant bashing, consumers shiver […]

Wordless Wednesday: Family Tradition

When it comes to production Agriculture, there is strength in numbers on the farm or ranch. People have joked for some time about having more kids because they are “free labor” but in reality the kids are a big part of a family farm operation. I was always at my dad’s side while growing up; […]

As I sit here in the feedlotLooking at a schedule that’s quite a frightMy mind wonders back to WyomingA place that sounds just right. The weather was not so warmOn that summer day in mid-JulyWhen the cattle needed movingUnderneath that big ole mountain sky We loaded up the horses and trailered up the the mountainEveryone […]

Recruiting Ventures

Who knew there were so many people just looking for an internship simply to have something on a resume. Now, I know everyone has to get their start somewhere, but companies are not interested in spend time and money on interns that obviously have no interest at all in working in that company’s field. Maybe […]

The Face Of Food Production

Factory Farm. Big Ag. Corporate Agriculture. CAFO. These are just a few of the terms used by those who oppose large business agriculture in today’s food production. Let’s face it, agriculture is made of many different farms, ranches, and operations, none of which are exactly the same. Some may be owned by families, others by […]

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