Month: August 2010

In It for the Win or Experience?

Which is your style? Are you in it for the win or the experience? Of course we all want to win, but are we really taking advantage of opportunities to gain invaluable experience? There are many groups and organizations that encourage youth to become involved and learn to succeed. FFA and 4-H are common in […]

National Beef Ambassador Blog

Today there are tons of programs involving youth in Agriculture. For many of us what comes to mind is programs like 4-H and FFA. These are both programs that I was heavily involved with as a youth in Arkansas, but there are so many more opportunities for professional development, networking, character building, and getting the […]

Big or Small, We All Produce Food!

It’s all the new food craze. Buy Local! Go to the farmer’s market! Meet your local farmers! Stay away from big company food products! Go organic! Stay away from Antibiotics and Hormones! I think someone missed the point. Getting to know who produces your food is a great thing! Buying from farmer’s markets and supporting […]

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