Month: June 2010

Consumer Ag Connection

Here is an introduction to a new effort to share stories from the great people in production agriculture with the consuming public in urban areas! Pam Fretwell recently launched the “Consumer Ag Connection” radio show. This is a 2-3 minute radio show that works to bridge the gap between urban consumers and those farmers and […]

First week in the feedlot!

Someone forgot to tell me about that part of the deal. I have only been working in my new job at the feedlot for one week and I have not stopped learning. Northwest Texas is awful close to the “No Man’s Land” of Oklahoma, and it sure seems like things run at just a slower […]

Let’s Talk Cattle

Last week I challenged my AgProud followers to talk about agriculture with at least three other people they met in their communities. If we are going to be a part of the Agriculture community, sharing our story when opportunity knocks at our door is something we should always be prepared to do. I thought I […]

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