Month: May 2010

Rancher’s Journal This is a blog hosted by Working Ranch Magazine. The blog currently features three authors who are part of the cattle industry. Each share’s their own “Rancher’s Journal” and document interesting activities that come with work in the cattle industry. Hear the story of a ranch hand, the wife of a stocker operator, and […]

Getting a lil Pour-On

Once again, my friend from England has brought a smile to my face with her depiction of what we do on a cattle operation. This time we investigate the pour-on dewormer used on cattle. Cattle dewormer comes in many forms (pour-on, injectable, paste, and crumbles) and there are different chemicals used as dewormer (ivermectin, moxidectin, […]

Today, I am Thankful

Dead week is finished, Calf Fry is wrapping up, and Finals week is here. Graduation is only days away and I am searching for more ways to procrastinate my studies. I do my best work out in the pasture so I have found a fencing project just outside of Stillwater as my get-away. There is […]

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