Month: May 2010

Cattleman’s View

Whether it be in the rain or snow, sun or shade, hot or cold, the work for cattleman goes on everyday of the year. There are so many people that only see the romantic view of cattle ranching, but there is a lot of blood and sweat that goes into raising all of that beef. […]

I am a Cowboy!

Has it really been a week since graduation? I am not sure yet what to think of being a graduate from Oklahoma State. It is still sinking in, but I’m not really doing so well at the whole “relaxation” before I head out to Texas to start my job in the feedyards. This week has […]

AgProud at Arkansas Cattle Auction

My family’s owned and operated cattle auction in Searcy, Arkansas is AgProud because we help small producers in our area be better cattleman. We assist them in selecting marketing options for their cattle, choosing replacement cattle that best fit their operation objectives, and learn better management etchniques, like scheduled vaccination programs, to produce a better […]

“Have A Dairy Good Day”

That is Will Gilmer’s friendly reminder as he uses multiple social media sites to share his family’s great story of being Dairy Farmers in Alabama. With the use of everything from their website to Youtube videos sharing his “MooTube minute” videos, Will shares his story, interesting facts about dairy farming, and even includes a little humor […]

Agriculture Proud

Just a quick note on the topic of “Agriculture Proud.” Not only is there the Facebook group “I am Agriculture Proud,” now there is also a blog, “Agriculture Proud,” where you can find AgProud stuff. There are pictures that depict why others are AgProud, links to blogs and websites where Agvocates are sharing their Agriculture […]

Sitting in the Pasture… This is a  blog from a young cattleman finishing college and getting a start working in the Texas feedyards. I will share anything from new experiences. I pass on lots of information that I learn about the cattle industry and occasionally share some of the fun that I may be having. Also find me […]

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