Month: May 2010

Cowboy Wisdom

“There’s an old saying, that Cowboys live poor and die rich. I am more inclined to think it’s the Cowboy’s definition of wealth that makes him what he is. I don’t reckon you could call Cowboyin’ a career. The pay’s not great, there are no pension plans, no unions, no benefits, and early retirement is […]

This is the Day

Well the day has finally come. I am moving to Texas today. Who else is a little nervous about me starting my first “real job”? One thing I have already learned: ALWAYS make a reservation for a U-haul trail before the day you need it. There was not a single trailer in Stillwater, so I […]

Care for Livestock

Being an advocate for agriculture, also known as an Agvocate, is very important in today’s world where 98.5% of Americans are not a part of their food production. We know how hard we work to care for our animals but others may not know the story. How would you fill in these blanks about how […]

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