Month: April 2010

Embryo Transfer in Livestock

            Embryo transfer (ET) in livestock is a concept that has been used since the 1930s to increase the reproductive potential of genetically superior animals. Much like artificial insemination (AI) has increased the number of offspring males may produce; embryo transfer has increased the number of offspring females can produce. There are approximately 150,000 eggs […]

Review of Nutritional Recommendations of Feedlot Consulting Nutritionists

Vasconcelos, J.T. and M.L. Galyean. 2007. Nutritional Recommendations of Feedlots Consulting Nutritionists: The 2007 Texas Tech University Survey. J Anim Sci. 85:2772-2781.             A survey conducted by Texas Tech University collected information from 29 consulting nutritionists on nutritional recommendations for feedlot cattle. Previous surveys conducted suggested that a common source of nutrient requirements for beef […]

My Brain is Tired

My last week of classes is over with. Next week is “Dead Week” so technically I can say that classes for the semester are over. I have 3 short assignments to finish and it’s off to the last 4 finals of my college career. My brain is tired. You can call it Senioritis, Spring Fever, […]

Sharing OUR Story

In case you missed it, I made a recent post sharing stories from 10 individuals on why they are proud to be a part of Agriculture. I was amazed by the response and the interest in the topic. On Sunday I created the facbook group “I am Agriculture Proud” and as of Tuesday afternoon there […]

Next Stop, Texas!

It has been a busy week since I have made a post on here. Since returning from my trip to the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles touring a few feedyards I have been playing catch up. I really do not recommend skipping an entire week of classes the week before four tests are scheduled. I sort […]

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