Month: March 2010

Will you choose to support Agriculture?

Recently I became aware of a campaign by HSUS to purchase stock in businesses and restaurant food chains to influence and pressure change in their food procurement practices. (To read more view my previous post)  Since that post I have done some researching and found that HSUS praises several restaurant chains and even a popular […]

HSUS aims at your food

HSUS has been busy investing it’s money in the modern-day stocks. What exactly are they investing in? Restaurant chains. According to the HSUS website this is their reason for investing in the stocks: Not long ago, The HSUS board of directors approved using a portion of our assets to purchase stock in companies, so we […]

America’s Image of Agriculture…

…seems to be quite skewed from the truth. The following is a quote from a state HSUS director in response to my comments about the HSUS’s spending habits. “The HSUS campaigns are supported by vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, in fact most of our members are not vegetarians, and we accept the fact that most Americans […]

My College Experience

“A college experience will make you a much richer person. A college degree however, will not. As you suggest, the pursuit of knowledge is very different than the pursuit of accomplishment, and a degree can only speak to the latter.” — Mike Rowe Recently, I was asked what my advice is for students just starting […]

Moderation and Balance Kirstie!

I was recently made aware of comments made by actress Kirstie Alley during an interview on the Late Show with David Letterman. The Actress stated: “That’s what I’m working on now, is getting all the chemicals out of my life, out of all the foods, the pesticides, the insecticides, the herbicides, fungicides, all the antibiotics, […]

Who Am I?

I am a steward of the environment.I work to be as sustainable as possible.Using available resources efficiently is the name of my game. My peers make up a small proportion of America.But my workforce drives American jobs.And my products drive the American economy. On average, I am 57 years old.More than half the time, this […]

1,300 Mile Weekend

Well, I am done spinning the tires on my ole truck, for this week at least. I made the trip down to Fort Worth this weekend for my interview with TCU Ranch Management. I am really worn out, so this will be quick. (Hope I don’t fall asleep before I reach the end! Haha) The […]

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